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Caption Contest! (See all of the entries below.)</font></font></p> <p align="center"><i>And the winner is......</i></font></p> <p align="center"><i><b>MQ</b> with "</i><b>The Fat Chick holds the world's last copy of Sir Mix Alot's 45 record single of "Baby Got Back" hostage and thereby stopping every BBW Bash in its tracks!" : Photo of the Week : Cat's House of Fun :
Is it big or is it small? Tell me...what is it?? Is it big or is it small? Tell me...what is it??
Week #147 -- Caption Contest! (See all of the entries below.)

And the winner is......

MQ with "The Fat Chick holds the world's last copy of Sir Mix Alot's 45 record single of "Baby Got Back" hostage and thereby stopping every BBW Bash in its tracks!"

It makes me giggle only because I know it's so true. Can there be a BBW dance without this song...Please?!?
Name What does the fat chick have hidden behind her back?
Cat Hmmm...I'm not telling...
dale the fat chick is holding all the cards
Paul The Fat Chick is hiding arms behind her back to provide loving hugs for all the lonely people on Valentine's Day...She has love enough for everyone!
loch ness monster the fat chick needs help getting these cuffs off
D. Marshall The fat chick holds chocolate behind her back. Do you dare to take it from her?
Rene-NL It's a secret.... it must be the blueprints of next week's Photo of the Week!
Rene-NL It's a fat chick secret.... it must be the blueprints of next week's Photo of the Week!
Larry S. Erwin The "Fat Chick" has the keys to her heart and only the "Fat Chick " knows who she will give them to.
Larry The Fat Chick just remembered where she put the Super Glue.
Bryan (LvmLg) The Fat Chick says, "For a kiss I'll give you a big surprise"
Ned Sonntag After getting off the airplane the Fat Chick deftly removes the quarter ounce of sensimilla from the 'coin purse' at the small of her back...
CarolM Even after being threatened with a weekend of "Charlie's Angels" re-runs, the fat chick refuses to Leggo her Eggo.
LilyLaLaa The fat chick "winds up" during her tryout for the Minnesota Twins.
LilyLaLaa Smiling, the Fat Chick understands and appreciates the subtle pleasures of scratching one's own back.
Steve The fat chick, stylish and stunning in her Valentine's day straitjacket, awaits the stampede of young men - in white coats.
jason The "Fat chick" smiles wryly knowing she's Sporting a small prairie dog wearing Speedos behind her back.
Mark (Myron65) Having found the elusive can of Chocolate Reddi-Wip, the Fat Chick reminds us that 'Good Things Come to Those Who Weight"!
gene The Fat chick has the sofa pillows hidden behind her back.
TroubleMaker The Lecter-Like fat chick is holding a Tupperware container marked "NS" away from small children... "Too much lead for developing brains" she scolds...
Master of Disaster The fat chick stores all her love in her hands ready to send an energy ball soaring around the world enchanting every man to obey her as a goddess. (what she really is, by the way :-))
TroubleMaker The fat chick is holding a bowling ball, a diet coke can, an airline seat and the difference between the votes cast for Gore and the votes cast for Bush in the state of Florida, behind her back.
Jay Tee The Fat Chick has hidden a cat in her back... The cat has hidden the curiosity of all us... Curiosity has hidden the Fat Chick's purpose... So, the Fat Chick has hidden... an enigma. I give up (but just to you)
TheHero The FAT CHICK sizes up her opponent to see how he is holding his bat, so she knows what kind of woo to pitch...
David The fat chick is hiding and restraining her evil self behind her back
ccharger The fat chick, after finishing all of her Valentine candies, has been caught in the act of mischievously starting on yours.
BIg3b The fat chick is getting in shape for the next winter Olympics in the speed skating competition, she has a secret weapon that she will keep hidden just in case she needs to use it
mq The Fat Chick holds the world's last copy of Sir Mix Alot's 45 record single of "Baby Got Back" hostage and thereby stopping every BBW Bash in its tracks!
Biggie The fat chick is hiding a small army of miniature admirers and penguins behind her back. (never know when they can come in handy...)
Biggie The fat chicks is hiding her two arms behind her back (the better to hug you with...)
phishhead63 I think the fat chick has a secret to share, behind her back is nothing but air, her hands are clasped upon her bum, I hope this is good enough for me to get some....Magnets that is...;)
stefan one chicken?
fidgreen The fat chick is hiding the ninth wonder of the world behind her back - renowned from Babylon to Brazil - Cat's magnificent ass! (oh and by the way THANK YOU for this dressed-in-red-and-black shot... I happen to have a thing for that colour combo on a lady... combine this with your sexy fat chick self and well, I'm just putty.... hot putty... or possibly something a little firmer but definitely feeling the heat)
Rev_Naughty Who says a Fat Chic can't be a speed skater!!
WydeSyde The Fat Chick has gotten into my pants again. What do you think she pulled out? The 3 things that will guarantee a romantic dinner, clean dishes and a foot rub. My ATM card, my car keys and a pucker. <SMOOCH>
ShamanSpirit Fat chick is hiding a giant chocolate cake she plans on stuffing down Richard Simmons throat!
Bobber The Fat Chick, dressed in enticing red and black leather, holds your heart hostage. The real question is, do you want it back? ;-)
Stymie J. The Fat Chick hands are cuffed behind her back before the Thin Police haul her off to Fashion Jail. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!
Mert Kaya I think there is a very sexy underwear for fat chick! ( Fat Chick, I am from Turkiye, Istanbul and 27 years old. I work in a Tv channel which name is CNN-Turk. I found your web site 1 week ago and I fall in love fro you... I really wish to be in the USA to meet you. You are the most precious part of my dreams. Every single day i always look your photos...I am very sorry about my fucking English, because i can not completely explain my feelings to you. Please forgive me. If there is a thing that i can do it for you in Istanbul, i beg you, please just order me by e-mail. If i can do something for you, i would become so happy...I love you so much...please send an e-mail to me...Mert)
max the fat chick is hiding the BEEF! WHERE's THE BEEF, fatty? it is a behind-the back secret!
Bobber Set like a Cat to pounce, the Fat Chick holds her most potent resource in her quest to conquer your notion of fat chicks - your attention.
Mark S. The fat chick hides the box of Valentine candy behind her back so that her other many admirers won't hesitate to give her more.
Michael The fat chick DARES you to take her Valentine candy!
Eddie Potts What every FAT CHICK hides behind her back, 2 more boobies!
sam In which hand does the fat chick hold the keys to fatdom?
cesar The fat chick is holding MY prize, because I'm going to be the winner.
test A BIG BEAUTIFUL BUTT, although not easily hidable.
Cat She is secretly applying her preparation H
Quantum Chocolate, and Keys to VW Beetle
William Cat is hiding the one thing that that eludes all of us that love and adore from afar. They are the two tickets to paradise, that we all long for, and no one gets them until she is damn good and ready, how excruciatingly lovely.
SerraP The fat chick smiles coyly at everyone, holding the name of the winner behind her back. "Pick a hand, any hand!" she says, and you must pray that you pick the correct one to win.
Nighthawk Cat shows how she can reach back and fasten her zipper herself.
COH Fat Chick has the bunny!
zabadguy The "fat chick" is hiding........nothing behind her back...someone as sweet, honest and down to earth as the "fat chick" would not hide anything from anyone....because remember her motto "Changing the world's view of fat chicks, on visitor at a time" really nothing is hidden everything is in plain view....:-)
FatLuvnGuy The fat chick is holding the ends of her bra, which explains her smile as she contemplates getting comfortable.
ntcrack The Fat chick has the magnets hidden behind her back.
Juanjo The fat chick is hiding a really cool set of three fat chick photo magnets.
Juanjo The fat chick is hiding... A Playgirl issue?
M.C. Parks The fat chick looks and asks "A are you thinking what I am thinking Pinky?" "Yeah but it's really hard to get honey out of Satin"
Matt The Fat Chick has behind her back: The Cat in the Hat with a snack in a sack how about that?
modak Could it be the fat chick has a kiss for thee-a Hershey's kiss. Happy Valentines Day!!!
hi fat chick has a gentle kind ruby red caterpillar
Anakin She's hiding that butt that makes me drool!!
S.Racer Who cares what the "fat chick" has behind her back, every picture of her is a prize! But I think it's a rubber chicken :)
Bloathe The Fat Chick simply holds her heart, ready to give it away to anyone who realizes that Love is Verb and not a Noun.
Sandie Behind the back of the indomitable Fat Chick, is a round trip plane ticket to Istanbul and a baseball bat, so she can "talk" some sense into her most current internet stalker, Mert.
EFD Her next treat so she can burst out of her outfit.
Sandie What does the Fat Chick have hidden behind her back? 12 Lords a leapin', 11 ladies dancing, 10 pipers piping, 9 drummers drumming, eight maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying...5 GOLDEN RINGS...4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtles doves and a PARTRIDGE IN A VW BUG. She takes a deep bow, and thanks her adoring and mesmerized audience. - You ask...How does the fat chick hide all that behind her behind? "Talent!"
bn oui
victor The fat chick hide us Harrison Ford's underwear he lost in her bathroom.
Behnood fat chick is hiding her hands behind her back!!
Adrian Such a pretty smile and dimples, I don't care what is behind your back!
herb the most bodacious set of hips in the USA
bigbert the fat chick hides her last valentine
jim the cutest fat chick has hidden a Godiva chocolate box behind her back...
artie The fat chick hides her embarrassment at not having a caption ready for this week's photo.
krunk I don't know!
Scott The Fat Chick is holding the whole world behind her back...After all, she is the Fat Chick.
SirLurkALot While riding her imaginary surfboard while watching "Endless Summer", the fat chick makes a desperate grab for the VCR remote control that is sliding down into her skirt.
mike The fat chick is holding some people that she will eat for dinner that night to fill her big fat belly
FAinPA The Fat Chick readies to unclasp her bra in order to release her bosom to the eyes of the world!!!
john simpson The key to our hearts, and a really gorgeous butt!
mike the fat chick has a hug for you but she wants a kiss first
Juan José The fat chick is hiding behind her back the little amount of beauty that was left for the rest of the chicks in the world... it seems that God gave ALL of it to her.
Jeff The Fat Chick is holding the secret of Life, The Universe, and Everything. Or was that Love Luck and Laughter? I forget...Maybe they're the same.
Denise ooooo pick a hand ... wait!!!! Let fat chick mix them up.. ahhhhh ok... now which one do you want?? da left one or da right one???
Stymie J. All your base are belong to the Fat Chick.
bart shoes
Robert Hey, Give the fat chick a kiss!
ScreamMasterBob The Fat Chick holds a big Thank You for all her fans around the world (and a Cat-o-nine-tails for the incorrigibles among us).
van tennison fat chick is hiding a pot of gold behind her abundant rainbow beutiful body. hey cat this is van i emailed you a while back and i said that you had a classy site, but i then i request some lude things. i hope you got my apology email because I'm sorry. i enjoy your site much better than the bbb nude women. I'm not sucking up to win the contest i just did not get a response from my apology email. i would like to stay in contact with you because i may need your help with some business ideas i have. i hope to hear from you. thanks van @ email:
mq Behind her back the Fat Chick (aka the Supreme FA magnet) hides a big ole stick to keep the legions of FA's away from her when she is in public!
mq What's hidden behind the Fat Chick's back? A bunch of those little men from prior pic's o' the week singing "hi ho, hi ho up the fat chick's back we go!
edward fat chick caught one of the penguins on her back and is happy with the result
eric the fat chick playing with me and don't want to show me the pregnancy test she is hides behind her back
Bill Billy Three Victoria's Secret models.
FatKandy What does the fat chick have hidden behind her back? Anything she wants!!!!!!!!!!!
io The fat chick scores two tickets for opening night of the Partridge Family Reunion Tour!
bobbyintenn With a 3 and 2 count the Fat chick checks the signal from her catcher....
io The fat chick holds her glass slipper tight while prince charming tries on its match!
Rizzo With a smug smirk on her face, and that famous glare in her eye the full figured woman's evil twin prepares to throw out the first pitch. Some how I don't think she has a baseball behind her back.
CB True to her candor, the fat chick hides nothing behind her. What she won't show has been conveniently photoshopped into oblivion, hence the impish grin.
Julie Half the ram in the fat chick web server - Two 4 meg SIMMS. ;)
O.P. a Hershey's chocolate bar :)
Darren A graphical entry:


"Changing the World's View of Fat Chicks, One Visitor at a Time"

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