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Cat's International Fat Chick Initiative
It makes my hairs stand on end!Without a doubt, the internet is an amazing thing. Never before have we been able to so easily communicate with people around the world.  Language differences are an obvious barrier, but with a site like mine which is mainly photographs, language isn't a necessity. Certainly those individuals unable to read the quips at the bottom of the Photo Selection of the Week will miss out on some humor, but the general gist of a large woman being shown in a positive light is still translatable. Photos are a universal language open to a myriad of translations. What's the saying? A photo is worth a thousand words? Well, in some languages I'm sure it's worth 1,400 and others 800, eh?

Nearly 10%!

From the statistics table, above generated from my log, you can see that nearly 10% of my visitors are from a country other than the United States. Certainly a force with which to be reckoned. 

For the uninitiated, this is a map of the Earth.:

On the world map detail, above, I've put red dots on all of the countries which have visited my site. (Click on the continent to see the dots. If you're seeing dots before you click, you ought to see an ophthalmologist...) You'll see in most of the continents, the majority of the countries have been 'heard from'. Hmmm...a site heard 'round the world?


Cat wears the world on her heart. Awww..

This page is dedicated to those souls who are physically many miles away from me but only a click away. To the left hand side of this page, I list the countries that have visited my site in the past year. Quite honestly, there are countries listed of which I had no previous knowledge. Niue, for one. Welcome, Niue visitors!  For those of you curious about Niue, click on the Australia area of the World  Map below. Niue is an island north-east of  New Zealand, just south of  American Samoa. 



The scope of this page is not clearly defined, and I expect it to change over time. For now, I hope it to be a resource for international visitors as well as a resource for those North American visitors who wish to communicate or visit foreign lands. Also, I expect it to be a historical marker for what impact a single site can have around the world. 

Current Resources:

International Fat/Size/Self Acceptance Sites
International Fat Friendly Businesses
Language Translation Tools Online


Fat/Size/Self Acceptance Sites Around the World:


Belles Rondeurs


Ronde et Jolie

Allegro Fortissimo



BBW Italia


XL Alternatywnie


Support for Russian BBWs 

Spanish Speaking World (this site covers a lot of ground!)



Överviktigas Riksförbund

Överviktigas Riksförbund for the Young


Rund, na und?



If you know of other country specific fat acceptance groups, let me know at Thanks!


Fat Friendly Businesses Around the World:
'Istanbul Not Constantinople-Guided Walking Tours' 
 -- Enjoy a friendly guide of the city of Istanbul. 
 -- Click here for more  information.

If you own a BBW friendly business in *any* part of the world, drop me a note. I'd be happy to add it here.  

Language Translation Tools Online:

Translation tools have come a long way, but as anyone with more than one language floating around in their head knows, they're not perfect.  Use them carefully and let the party with whom you're corresponding know that you are using a translation tool. This is especially necessary  in the event of a translation mishap so that they will understand it's the translator's fault that you insulted their long lost great-grandmother and not an intentional insult of your own design.
AltaVista BabelFish
-- Translates: English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian
-- Will translate typed words or individual web pages.

If you know of other good translation tools online, please drop me a note at  

Atlas Artwork by Darren Thanks, Darren!




"Changing the World's View of Fat Chicks, One Visitor at a Time"

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